Welcome to the guild raiding page! Thankyou for taking an interest in raiding with What Happens in Denova, Stays in Denova.

We currently run 3 professional progression teams and a casual raiding team. If you are interested in casual raiding please contact Wraith either in game or on Mumble with a expression of interest and desired role. To the more serious raiders looking to fill a advertised spot in one of the current teams. Please contact Fumbles, the raid officer, through in game mail, guild chat, or mumble with your expression of interest containing;

  • Current progress/experience Terror From Beyound, Scum and Villiany, Dread Fortress, Dread Palace. The Ravagers, and ToS.
  • Current gear level, including set-bonus.
  • A 500k HP Dummy Parse for DPS, this will be used to gauge your understanding of the class you plan to raid with. Note: for any SM team this will be a very small part of the application, While HM applications will be required to meet certain benchmarks.
  • Willingness to change spec and or class if required for the group.
  • Availability on raid days, please check calendar for raid group times.


Current Vacancies 



Team Window Lickers, Tacticle Guild Ship Cleaning
Member Role Class Character
Fumbles* Tank Shadow Tsarbomba
Mani Tank Guardian Annavolina
Wraith DPS Gunslinger Wraithcake
Pilly DPS Commando Pilly
Atreean DPS Sentinel Atreean
Wral DPS Guardian ToDamnOpplzNerf
Rob Heal Scoundrel Robikus
Lifrayer Heal Commando Venseria
Team No One Asked You, Only Speak When Spoken Too
Member Role Class Character
Seraph* Tank Guardian Seraphblade
Akra Tank Vanguard  Akraman
Pex DPS Gunslinger Cerinn
Mikey DPS Sage Eleanor
Big DPS Gunslinger Bigtonn
Icer DPS Sentinel Icer'Sentinal
Syl Heal Commando Syl'eria
Fumbles Heal Scoundrel SleepWalker
Team FFS
Member Role Class Character
Wral Tank Guardian Wralkoruno
Mani Tank Guardian  Mani-ak
Wraith DPS Gunslinger Wraithdog
Adri DPS Commando Adri
Leyh DPS Commando Comleyh
Rykli DPS Gunslinger Aelki
Tel Heal Commando Tel'Mettle
Rob Heal Scoundrel Flobikus